Far From Classic Logo Shirt

•Just because you're broken doesn't mean you're finished. You can always pick yourself up and continue on.

•You are not your mistakes. You're human and you will make mistakes, but that doesn't define you as a person.

•You are not defined by your past. Your past does not determine your future.

•You are not what happened to you. Whatever has happened in your life, you are still you - and you're so much more than that.

about me

Hello friends, I am Tynasha and the Owner and face behind Far From Broken! I am a proud RN, RRT, wife and mother to a beautiful son. I started my business in 2022 after finding out that after two years of fighting, chemotherapy, and radiation, I still have breast cancer. 

Like many of you here, life has thrown its fair share of curveballs and tribulations. I had a vision to help others who have faced mental health problems like myself and any type of adversity by creating a brand that promotes empowering you to feel motivated and inspired to keep going. 

Feel free to browse around and enjoy some of the merchandise or leave a comment on our blog. I hope it makes you smile, laugh or just feel empowered to get up and make a change. 



I am so glad I purchased. My shirt was beautiful & soft. All the extras I recieved as part of my order was A + in my book. Will be ordering again.

Lisa T.

This hoodie was everything for my Senior photo shoot. As soon as I seen the color I had to have it.

Trini T.
Dayton, FL

Great services at good prices bought a few items and have never been disappointed.

Tasha D.

I was photo shoot ready and ready to raise awareness. I love the movement. Thanks Tynasha.

KeKe J.
Dallas, TX


Austin, TX